7th District GOP Candidate Tina Ramirez Highlights Work On Religious Freedom In Iraq

This week, 7th District GOP candidate Tina Ramirez sat down with the The Daily Caller to talk about her work in Iraq to obtain religious freedom for all people. I wanted to show this video because it shows something that I think is not highlighted enough as Republicans.

Something you don’t see every day in the Republican Party of Virginia is ideas and innovations. People can say “buzzwords” like “Liberty” and “Freedom,” they can do a lot of things to talk about it, but how many people have actually put boots on the ground for the cause they believe in?

How many congressional candidates would leave their lofty perches of the elite to go to Iraq or the Sudan to actually attempt to make a difference about the things that they see in the world.

Tina Ramirez could be our catalyst to start winning elections in Virginia. She represents the fact that Republicans have to be FOR SOMETHING, so much so that they would risk life and limb to obtain the freedom we so desperately desire.