A Mother and a Christian First, Not a Politician.

Tina Ramirez is a businesswoman, pro-life single mother, and global religious freedom advocate who will bring a unique perspective with diverse expertise to Washington. Tina is a mother and a Christian first, not a politician. She has spent the majority of her career defending human rights in countries with tyrannical governments, which is why she is dedicated to protecting and promoting limited government. Tina will support legislation that champions our shared conservative values and supports the American family. Tina is committed to cutting federal regulations for small businesses, protecting life, reforming immigration, making healthcare affordable for the average family, and bringing conservative values back to Washington.

Protecting Life

As a single mother, Tina’s greatest blessing has been bringing her daughter into this world and seeing life in new ways through her daughter’s eyes. Recognizing that many women find themselves in difficult situations, it is in society’s interest to provide safety nets that encourage women to carry their children to term. The government should not be in the business of aborting babies or supporting organizations that do. For Tina, being pro-life is more than a statement; it’s how she’s lived.

Creating Jobs and Opportunity

As the founder and CEO of a global religious freedom organization, Tina understands the challenges of running a family and a business at the same time. Tina knows what it takes to start and scale a business, sign the front and back of a paycheck, hire employees, and meet financial deadlines. Running a business in this over-regulated climate is hard enough without government bureaucrats piling on more unnecessary red tape. That is why Tina strongly supports President Trump’s efforts to roll back burdensome regulations that have hindered economic growth and innovation. The government should be working to help small business owners innovate and create jobs, not discouraging people with excessive regulation and taxation. Tina is the sole provider of her family and she understands first hand that limited government, decreasing regulations, and job growth policies, leads to more money in her pocket. In Congress, she will fight for limited government and free market principles to return wasted resources back to the families earning them.

Improving Education

Being a teacher early on in her career was an extremely rewarding experience in Tina’s life and is one of the reasons she started a non-profit that trains teachers around the world. Tina knows that we need new education options that are not dictated to politicians by special interest unions who only look out for themselves – not our children. Opening up opportunities for children to learn trades and attend charter schools, more local control of education, and increasing school choice for parents and children who seek the growth and opportunities that their current public school districts aren’t providing are some of the best ways to start reforming a broken system. Tina also believes that families who choose to home school should have their expenses covered from the taxes they are paying into the educational system. By increasing opportunities for our children, we can better prepare them for the workforce to reduce the burden of expensive college degrees.

Better Healthcare

Both Tina’s parents were medical professionals and taught her the importance of serving others. Her dad was a general practitioner and started one of the first Hispanic-run medical practices in Powhatan County, Virginia. Her mother was a practicing midwife. Tina knows how important medical providers, quality of care, and access to care are to patients and their families. Tina understands that small businesses are the hardest hit by government interference in the health care system. Like Tina, many people have been forced into the Obamacare market and have suffered under this failed system. Tina wants to return healthcare choices to the individual. We need the government to protect certain aspects of care like preexisting conditions, but we do not need them to tell us what should be in our insurance plans or dictate costs. Tina also wants to expand the access to telemedicine and help decrease regulations that stifle growth and competition in the medical field so that doctors can deliver the personal care and attention they know their patients deserve.

Reforming the System for Our Veterans

Both of Tina’s parents served in the Air Force. Both of her grandfathers served and her brother is serving today. Through her work around the world, Tina has witnessed the cost of freedom firsthand. Our veterans deserve the promises made to them. But the current system is not doing this despite their honor, service, sacrifice, and ongoing suffering and loss. We must ensure that our Veterans have the access to care they need and deserve. And for Veterans who live in areas where they cannot access VA hospitals, we need to offer tele healthcare to consult with appropriate physicians and allow them to utilize non-VA hospitals and care.


Real Immigration Reform

As a Hispanic-American, Tina Ramirez knows we need to reform our immigration system. We need a better, safer way to bring workers into the country legally. Tina understands that businesses can’t function without a workforce. It’s time to stop the illegal hiring and exploitation of immigrants by creating better mechanisms for businesses to hire foreign workers. Until we fix this issue, we will never resolve illegal immigration. At the same time, Congress must take the border seriously and provide the necessary funding to secure it.

Ensuring Our Religious Freedom

Everyone has the right to live according to their convictions. Those convictions are precious to the country and the individual and shouldn’t be trampled on by progressive liberals who want to destroy our way of life. More and more we see religious faith being attacked by the media and liberal elite. That is why Tina started a global organization that promotes and teaches religious freedom, and has spent her life defending every person’s religious freedom and has seen how countries flourish when they make space for everyone’s religious and spiritual pursuits.