A Mother and a Businesswoman First. Not a Politician.

Tina Ramirez is an educator, single mother, and founder of an international human rights organization, who will bring a unique perspective with diverse expertise to Richmond. Tina is a mother and a businesswoman, not a politician. Tina will advocate for legislation that champions conservative values and supports the American family. Throughout her entire career, Tina has brought principled leadership, fresh and innovative ideas, and a solutions-oriented focus to her work; and this is exactly what she will bring to Richmond.

Creating Jobs and Opportunity

In 2020, businesses found themselves dealing with an avalanche of additional obstacles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and government imposed shutdowns. As a businesswoman herself, Tina dealt with these hardships as well as the normal everyday burdens business owners endure. Tina understands that businesses must be completely opened and that we must get government out of the way in order to foster an environment in which businesses are free to flourish. Tina is the sole provider of her family and she understands that we need a free and open economy in which small business owners innovate and create jobs, instead of discouraging people with excessive regulation and taxation.

Protecting Life

As a single mother, Tina’s greatest blessing has been bringing her daughter into this world and seeing life in new ways through her daughter’s eyes. Recognizing that many women find themselves in difficult situations, it is in society’s interest to provide safety nets that encourage women to carry their children to term. The government should not be in the business of aborting babies or supporting organizations that do. For Tina, being pro-life is more than a statement; it’s how she’s lived.

Improving Education

Having worked as a public school teacher, Tina understands how detrimental the closing of schools has been to the most vulnerable of students and how dangerous politicized ideologies, such as critical race theory and diminished math and science curriculum, are to our children. Moreover, Tina sees that the pandemic exposed the poor quality and inadequacies that have existed in our broken school systems for years. Tina knows that we need to promote school choice, so that parents are given real education options for their children. Our children deserve the innovation and opportunity that comes from robust competition. Parents deserve more educational choices for their children and their tax dollars should follow their students. Tina also believes that families who choose to homeschool should have their expenses covered from the taxes they are paying into the educational system.

Better Healthcare

Tina’s parents both started their own medical practices in Powhatan, Virginia, and taught her the importance of serving others. Tina knows how important medical providers, quality of care, and access to care are to patients and their families. Tina wants to return healthcare choices to the individual, and believes we can widen access to healthcare without putting your healthcare decisions in the hands of the government. Now, in the wake of COVID-19, Tina is committed to ensuring our healthcare professionals have the support they need to care for our communities. Tina will also fight to expand access to telemedicine, protect the coverage of preexisting conditions, and help decrease regulations that stifle growth and competition in the medical field.

Reforming the System for Our Veterans

Tina’s parents served in the Air Force. Both of her grandfathers served and her brother is serving today. Through her work around the world, Tina has witnessed the cost of freedom firsthand. Our veterans deserve the promises made to them. But the current system is not doing this despite their honor, service, sacrifice, and ongoing suffering and loss. We must ensure that our Veterans have the access to care they need and deserve. For veterans who live in areas where they cannot access VA hospitals, we need to offer tele-health to consult with appropriate physicians and allow them to utilize non-VA hospitals and care.


Ensuring Our Religious Freedom

Everyone has the right to live according to their convictions. Those convictions are precious to the country and the individual and shouldn’t be trampled on by progressive liberals who want to impose their views on others. Governments should not be empowered to restrict church attendance, as we saw with the abhorrent church shutdowns during COVID, nor dictate the manner in which citizens practice their faith. That is why Tina started a global organization that promotes and teaches religious freedom. She has spent her life defending every person’s religious freedom and has seen how countries flourish when they value this foundational freedom.

Defending the Second Amendment

When the right to keep and bear arms is suppressed by a government, the doors to oppression and abuse are opened. Tina knows this because she’s seen it firsthand while fighting for individual rights and liberties against tyrannical governments in countries around the world. The right to defend ourselves against any existential threat is among the most basic rights, which is why our founders fought so hard to protect it. Tina will always fight for our Second Amendment rights and strongly supports Constitutional Carry legislation.

Opposing “Cancel Culture”

Tina’s entire career, whether teaching students about the foundations of our nation or working internationally to defend the oppressed, has been centered around preserving the rights and liberties our founding fathers sought to protect in the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution. Tina knows that the protections of the First Amendment are under attack and must be defended at all costs. Disagreement and intellectual diversity are essential in a free society and fundamental in our nation. The silencing of thought and dissent in our nation is un-American and wrong. Tina will work, as she always has, to protect freedoms of speech and of expression, and to put an end to the toxic “cancel culture” that has become so prevalent in recent years.

Securing our Elections

In 2016, Democrats were adamant that election fraud and election tampering had occurred; however in 2020, they no longer believed election insecurity was an issue. But election security should not be a partisan issue, as neither Republicans nor Democrats have done enough to safeguard our elections. At a time when we are experiencing an unprecedented level of cyberattacks across myriad industries and organizations, this is an issue Americans must take seriously. Tina knows that fair, safe, and free elections are essential to the preservation of a free democracy, and will work tirelessly to restore the confidence of all Americans in our elections. As such, Tina believes we must focus on enhancing our cybersecurity capabilities, require valid identification to vote, and support common sense approaches to safeguarding our elections.