We Need to Come Together as Republicans

Friend – Please look at the letter that I have signed with fellow congressional candidates about the nomination process. We need to come together as Republicans. Read below:

Delegates of the 7th District:

As candidates for Congress competing with each other for the nomination in the 7th District, we have taken this extraordinary step of writing you together to express our concerns and enlist your help.  Make no mistake about it, the Republican nominee in our district can beat Abigail Spanberger.  But to do that, we must all work to ensure the process to nominate our candidate is done with a goal of helping the eventual nominee come out of the process as strong as possible to help us win in November.

Months ago, the 7th district committee voted to nominate our candidate by convention, a vote we all supported.  Originally the Committee selected April 25 as the convention date to ensure the nominee had as much time as possible to build their campaign infrastructure for the general election.  COVID-19 changed a lot of those plans.

The committee chose a convention in large part to ensure that the party’s nominee would have to be selected by a majority vote (50% plus 1) to emerge with the majority of Republican support.  A primary or party canvas allows plurality voting, but a convention –  with multi-voting and multiple ballots – does not.  If it did, it would not in fact, be a convention.  Because of COVID-19, the Committee is entertaining a drive through convention, where voters drive to the Kings Dominion area , cast their ballots, and leave.  I think we can all agree that despite the late date of July 18, the likelihood of a convened normal convention is highly unlikely.

Which means the committee has to seriously start planning for a process of drive through voting.

We as candidates competing for this important nomination, believe that it is within the Republican Party’s interest that the nominee be chosen by a majority vote of the delegates eligible to participate in the convention.  That can only happen with ranked choice voting.  It doesn’t add any time or effort to the balloting process, it just allows for a process that ensures the strongest possible candidate emerges as the nominee and ensures the Republican party remains unified ahead of a very challenging election.  Without that unity, without that majority, winning in the fall becomes extraordinarily difficult.

We ask that as voting delegates, you join us in communicating with your local party leadership, either through email or phone call, and ask them to support a system that provides unity and the most broad level of support for the eventual Republican Nominee.  Click here to find your 7th District Committee representative and contact them now!  Tell them to support a majority vote with ranked choice voting, and help our nominee win in November!


Tina Ramirez

John McGuire

Andrew Knaggs